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SteamJet I$24,495
SteamJet II$27,500

The Jacquard SteamJet Fabric Finishers are the first low pressure, short-run production steamers of their kind. Their patented design uses low pressure to provide highly efficient steam cycles & greatly reduced steam times. The SteamJet can process up to 50 yards of fabric per cycle. For best results, we recommend 10-15 yards per cycle.

  • Fast steam times
  • All stainless construction
  • Safe and simple operation
  • No water hookup required
  • Consistent steaming results
  • Special steaming core included
  • Easy loading with unique angled design
  • Electronic time and temperature controls
  • Highest level of color bloom and washfastness


SpecificationsSteamJet ISteamJet II
Width20″ or 50.8 cent.26″ or 66.04 cent.
Height49″ or 124.46 cent.62″ or 157.48 cent.
Length75″ or 190.5 cent.99″ or 251.46 cent.
Machine Weight550 lbs. or 249.48 kilo.725 lbs. or 328.85 kilo.
Max. Fabric Width65″ or 152.4 cent.75″ or 190.5 cent.
Max. Temperature270°F or 132.22°C270°F or 132.22°C
Max. Fabric Yardage50 yards or 45.72 meters75 yards or 68.58 meters
Electrical Requirements208V-1PH 30 amp
220V-1PH 30 amp
380V-1PH 20 amp
208V-1PH 30 amp
220V-1PH 30 amp
380V-1PH 20 amp
Max. Fabric Roll Diameter10″ or 25.4 cent.14″ or 35.56 cent.

65″ woven stainless core for SteamJet I$351.75SC00065
75″ woven stainless core for SteamJet II$362.25SC00075

Stainless Steel Steamer Cores for wrapping fabric on to steam. Our SteamJets come with one core included but many times it is advantageous to have more than one so you can be preparing the next batch while the current one is steaming.

65″ rigid stainless core for SteamJet I$199.00SC00065

We also offer a less-expensive, rigid option.

120 volts$1,680IP10004
240 volts$1,680IP10005

Steam-setting printed fabrics ensures optimum brightness and color yield. Steams 10 to 20 yards (depending upon fabric thickness) of fabric up to 60″ wide (we recommend use of the Jacquard stainless steel steaming core).

We designed this professional steamer for lifetime use. Its double-walled cylinder is made of heavy duty stainless steel in two sections for easier handling. The sections stack for easy assembly. The 2,000 watt heating element is available with either a 120 volt, 16 amp or 230 volt, 8 amp heat source. Both include an automatic shutoff safety switch. Exterior diameter 11″, interior diameter 9″, overall height 74″.

The Steamer has a 30 day warranty on electrical and a 1 year warranty on structural parts.

60″ for Vertical Steamer$341.25SC00060
60″ rigid stainless core for Vertical Steamer$208.95SC00060A

Stainless Steel Steamer Cores for wrapping fabric on to steam. Woven and Rigid options available

Professional Steaming Paper64″ x 500 yards$375IP00000
Professional Steaming Paper60″ x 50 yards$50IP00008

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