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Coated Fabrics for Digital Printing

We specialize in treatments for pigment inks, reactive inks, acid inks, and disperse inks.

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High-pressure steamers for commercial-grade dye fixation. Atmospheric steamers for smaller runs.

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Jacquard Inks

Our inks are all filtered to .2 microns and match Huntsman’s color profiles. Pigment, Acid, and Reactive inks. 

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Learn More About Our Fabrics

It’s important to make sure you are getting the right fabric with the right coating for your ink system. Please email or call 707-473-9080 with any questions.

Price shown is for fabric backed with removable paper, which makes it possible for fabrics to feed through some printers. All our treated fabrics are also available unbacked. Please call for unbacked pricing.

Samples are normally 42” wide, although some silks are a little narrower.

A complete set of swatches is available for $14.00 + $6.95 shipping. Item #IS00000.

  • FabriSign – FabriSign coating is designed to be used in conjunction with  water-based permanent pigment textile inks on a wide variety of substrates. Fabric coated with FabriSign yields brighter yellows, darker blacks, richer blues and stronger reds. This results in a wider color gamut and more color saturation. FabriSign also works with water-based graphics inks, dramatically improving washfastness and color yield.
  • ProCoat – ProCoat is used for commercial quality dye-based printing. Coatings available for acid, reactive, and disperse dyes. Fully washable and dry cleanable. Coating is designed to maximize fixation, color yield, and penetration while minimizing bleed. Colors require post fixation: steam setting for reactive and acid dyes; steam or heat setting for disperse dye.

Not sure what you need? Take a look at our product comparison chart.