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Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems offers two types of premium-quality custom fabric coating for textiles, FabriSign and ProCoat for customers using wide format digital printers. Our line of coated fabrics includes: cottons, linens, nylons, polyesters and silks. The coatings do not alter the feel of the fabrics – they remain soft and natural. Our Swatch Set is available.

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Designed for the graphics or art printer who wants to print on textiles with aqueous inks. FabriSign treatment greatly improves the washability of prints made with graphics inks, but they are still not completely wash fast. Prints will yield deeper and richer colors. FabriSign coating is perfect for fine art prints, giclée prints, banners, advertising prints, some home textiles and apparel, and prototypes.

On the right is a photo of cotton percale printed with Epson K3 Ultrachrome graphics ink, machine- washed once in 85 degree water. Treated fabric is on the left, untreated fabric on the right.

Comparison: Fabrisign vs Uncoated

Fabrisign improves the washfastness and initial color yield for prints with permanent pigmented textile inks. These inks are designed to be heat-set after printing, and in combination with our FabriSign treatment yield bright, durable, and washfast commercial-grade results.

ProCoat is our line of coatings designed for dye-based textile inks. This includes Acid, Reactive, and Disperse dyes. Treating fabrics before printing is a necessary step when printing with dyes, as is fixating (usually with steam) and washing your products. Generally considered to yield the best and brightest colors, this treatment is generally only for seasoned professionals.

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