Backing– Price shown is for paper backed fabric. All our treated fabrics are also available unbacked. Please call for unbacked pricing.

Samples– Are normally 42” wide, although some silks are a little narrower.

Swatches– A complete set of swatches is available for $14.00. Item # IS00000.

Fabric Treatments

FabriSign- treated fabrics are for use with waterbased inks. For solvent printing see our fabrics for solvent printing on page 12 of this list, or our website.

ProCoat – for commercial quality printing. Fully washable and dry cleanable. Coating is designed to maximize xation and color yield on fabric. Colors require post xation: steam setting for reactive and acid dyes; steam or heat setting for disperse dye.

FabriSign – as easy as it gets. Requires no steaming and works with any water-based inkjet ink. Good water resistance but not washable or dry cleanable.